Delivery WorkerJob/Person Matching
We start by getting to know you, your objectives and your company’s background and culture.  We visit your workplace to gain an in depth understanding of the position, roles and responsibilities, and what skills and experience the ideal candidate has.

We consult with you and do a thorough audit of your needs.  Then we evaluate our candidates according to your specific requirements.  We also perform job-specific assessments and reference checks to verify that the candidate possesses the skills and strengths you are looking for.  We remove the burdens of hiring.

If you are attracting candidates that don’t meet your needs, you are probably spending too much time, energy, and money.  That is why Preferred Staffing Services takes every measure to identify ideal employment matches before ven presenting them to you.  You will get the excellent job performance you need from the onset.  The leads to greater productivity and increased employee retention.

Quality Assurance/Work Training and Support
Training and quality assurance support is ongoing, even after a permanent placement is made.  A Quality Assurance Specialist provides follow up support to our associate and will provide onsite assistance if needed.  What does this mean to you?  You’ll enjoy higher quality service, reduced absenteeism, and increased retention.

Landscape WorkerTemporary and Day Labor
Whether for a short term assignment, long term project, or day labor our assessment and selection processes mean we’ll not only find you the right candidates you need quickly, we will also you find the the candidates with the skill sets and work style you require.  We take pride in quickly matching the right temporary employee with the right job.

Whatever your line of work, we will make sure that all temporary associates are selected according to your criteria and are prepared and ready to meet your particular objectives from the minute they arrive on the job site.

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